Why to choose a freigth forwarding company We are a freight forwarding company that is proving its experience every day.
For our clients this means quick reactions, efficiency and safety and owing to our long-term collaborations with our partners, we have successfully reduced costs to improve the quality of our services.

Collaboration with VDM Rental means:
Optimization of the entire freight forwarding process The client’s requests are correlated with the information of the over 600, carefully selected transport partners. Therefore we are offering the fastest solutions, the best prices, the most trustworthy transporters.
Consulting for obtaining the necessary documentation At VDM Rental we take care of the customs clearance formalities, the preparation of the shipping and import documents or obtaining the regulation documents. This way we assure the shipping and receiving of freight to/ from the entire world, while obeying international legislation.
Low cost The efficient management of demand and supply lies in the fact that the final costs will be the best possible for all the parties involved in the transport process.
Swiftness We answer requests in two hours at most and in 80% of cases we load your freight in two days. The freight will reach the destination on time, safely and in the best conditions.
The satisfaction of services offered by trustworthy collaborator Your transports are managed by a specialized team which acts according to international transport norms and procedures.
Personalized service, tailored to each type of transport Every transport is different, but our 15 year experience helps us identify the best solutions for your needs according to the freight specifications.