What is a freight forwarding company?

A freight forwarding company is an entrepreneur that, at the request of a principal (client), makes a freight transport happen, without himself being the transporter. For realising the transport (national or international), the freight forwarding company ensures every formality tied to the inherent transport – that is: customs statements, freight circulation documents, freight storage, etc.

Who uses a freight forwarding company’s services?

A freight forwarding company’s services are used by individuals or legal persons that wish to ship a particular freight within an organized, safe and efficient frame, so that the freight will reach its destination in optimal conditions. The employees of a freight forwarding company have the necessary abilities and experience to complete complex projects from a diverse area of activities and to overcome any challenge that might arise during the shipping process.

Why should you choose a freight forwarding company?

When you want to transport freight anywhere in the world and you want to make sure that it gets to the destination on time, safely and within the best conditions it is recommended that you employ a freight forwarding company. The specialists of a freight forwarding company will identify the modes of transportation adapted to your freight and will provide you consulting and support for fulfilling every document necessary for the shipment and receiving of freight to/from the entire world. Throughout the entire process your freight will be insured.

What are the responsibilities of a freight forwarding company?

The main role of a freight forwarding company is the optimization of the freight’s transport process. First of all a freight forwarding company has to identify the adequate methods of freight transport and the fastest solutions and to offer consulting and support for fulfilling the necessary documentation for the shipment and receiving of freight to/from the entire world. The representatives of a freight forwarding company have to ensure that your freight will reach its destination on time, safely in optimal conditions.

Is a freight forwarding company able to ensure transport for oversized or special freights?

Special freights such as explosive or radioactive substances, toxic chemical substances and other dangerous substances, need to be accomplished with increased safety measures in accordance with the legislation of the country of provenance, the destination and the transited countries. Also, the preparation and organization of an oversized transport has numerous stages that need to be completed with the utmost attention and responsibility. A freight forwarding company such as VDM Rental offers all the necessary services to ensure the transport in optimal conditions for the special or oversized freights.

What is the information that needs to be included when launching a transport order to a freight forwarding company in case of road transport?

In the case of intra-community road transport, the principal (client) has to supply every detail about the freight to be transported: the type of the freight, the sizes, weight and whether the freight requires special treatmant during transport, the loading and unloading address. For international extra-community transports, the transport order has to be accompanied by the commercial invoice, packing list, and the freight forwarding company will ensure the CMR and customs transit documents.

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