Land transport Road transport makes up the biggest part of our activity, being the preferred method of over 60% of companies in Romania.

At VDM Rental we cover every aspect of road transport, quickly and efficiently, because our specialists take care of all the necessary documentation and formalities until the freight reaches its final destination. Regardless of the type of freight, we make sure that it will be transported with appropriate equipment, so that it reaches the unloading destination in optimal conditions.

We offer:
Partial and
group loading
loading (FTL)

Partial and group loading
There are situations when there’s no need for an entire truck for the transported freight. In these situations VDM Rental provides consolidation and deconsolidation services for the transport as well as storage services.

This type of freight forwarding service is mainly used by entrepreneurs and small to middle sized firms for the optimization of their costs and it requires the collection of the freight from several clients in a consolidated storage. When there is enough freight to fill a truck, these are shipped to their destinations.

Complete loading (FTL)
In case of complete loading the freight that needs to be shipped occupies the entire capacity of the truck. This can happen for two reasons: either because of the freight volume or its weight – because there is a maximum tonnage depending on the type of the method of transportation.

VDM Rental specialists will make sure that the chosen method of transportation is suitable for the type of load. In order for the process to be transparent and flowing, our representatives will also manage all the documentation and they will make sure that the necessary customs clearance formalities (regarding international transports) are fulfilled until the load reaches its final destination.

Among the advantages of a complete transport are the shorter duration and greater safety of the freight, this is why we recommend this service especially in the case of fragile or expensive freight.

Special transports
Within the category of special transport are such freights as explosive or radioactive substances, toxic chemical substances and other dangerous substances. These transports need to be accomplished with increased safety measures in accordance with the legislation of the country of provenance, the destination and the transited countries.

Oversized transports
Oversized transports suppose transporting freights that exceed, in volume or weight, the dimensions of a classic transport. The preparation and organization of such a transport has numerous stages that need to be completed with the utmost attention and responsibility.