Special transport & oversized transports Within the category of special transport are such freights as explosive or radioactive substances, toxic chemical substances and other dangerous substances. These transports need to be accomplished with increased safety measures in accordance with the legislation of the country of provenance, the destination and the transited countries.

VDM Rental specialists can provide you with any type of trucks made for transporting special freight and it ensures compliance with procedures and transport modalities so it fulfills the conditions provided by the law. Oversized transports suppose transporting freights that exceed, in volume or weight, the dimensions of a classic transport. The preparation and organization of such a transport has numerous stages that need to be completed with the utmost attention and responsibility.

First of all, the weight and volume of the freight to be transported needs to be determined, to be able to choose the appropriate vehicle. After choosing the right vehicle for the transportation of the oversized freight, possible routes towards the destination will be analized. In order to determine the final route, potential traffic restrictions will be taken into account, as well as duration and difficulty. VDM Rental has a vast experience in transporting oversized and special freights, among the successfully completed projects are the transport of propellers and rudders for ships, the transport of wells for oil rigs or the transport of explosive freights.